24 November
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Free Vietnam Alliance is a structure of coordination movements, organizations, unions, was established in May 7 / 1990 in Paris, France, to fight for a Democratic majority of Vietnam Nguyen , Freedom and Human Rights Social Justice. Currently, the Alliance Free Vietnam Movement, and has over 40 member organizations, in most countries around the world and some members operating on the territory of Vietnam.

Information occupies an important role in our struggle today and the means to exchange concepts, directions struggle between the forces of democracy in the nation and abroad. Increased efforts are also a form of struggle to break the secrecy of the information, help for people in the country understand the phenomenon, the event is happening in the world so that improving people’s and looked out the need to fight for their rights. Therefore, the members of the Free Vietnam Alliance has consistently promote the “common information about Vietnam” for years and the Press Union of Free Vietnam also performs regularly of January “Newsletter for Vietnam” to send home.

Shortly after forming, the Alliance Free Vietnam Vietnam has made language newspaper “Union” and since September 10/1996 was replaced by monthly magazine “Democratic Vietnam”, was released on every continent . Early in 1992, English edition of “Vietnam Democracy” has been released monthly to meet the information needs for foreigners. Sheet “Vietnam infos” in French is also done every two months for dissemination to the world as well as friendly foreign countries in the use of French.

Many books and other materials were also Free Vietnam Alliance actively promoted, especially voices struggle for freedom and democracy from the water.

Take advantage of scientific and technical Union Free Vietnam has opened up the electronic media to spread quickly and widely the hot news about Vietnam. Free Vietnam Alliance also made website in several languages ​​for storage and dissemination of information, documents and foreign struggle. The document is done by four languages: Vietnamese, English, French, German.

One of the priority efforts of the Alliance Free Vietnam is increasing momentum in the domestic struggle to facilitate turning the situation, putting the struggle for democracy to succeed.

In this effort, the Free Vietnam Alliance has tried to increase personnel and means to fight for the base of operations in Vietnam. Although the operating conditions difficult and dangerous, but the members of the Free Vietnam Alliance in the country has made many significant achievements.

In parallel with efforts to build and develop human resources, Vietnam Freedom Alliance is trying to hook, contacts and links with the national democratic forces are fighting in secrecy on the country for with liberal democratic goals. Members of the Free Vietnam Alliance in domestic also actively cooperate with other religions to promote the struggle for freedom of religion and religious practices. The democratic demands of the protesters in the country is also Free Vietnam Alliance of interest and support.

On the other hand, the Alliance Free Vietnam interested in the struggle of the people in the water for the population and civil rights. This is an area struggling with silver on many issues, from social justice to corruption, authoritarianism, from workers’ rights to life of the peasantry and workers. The uprising of the people in Thai Binh, Xuan Loc, the strikes of workers, struggling student, … shows the positive transformation of this struggle. The protests of citizens complaints against public authorities, the offices VCP also shows that residents began to overcome the fear. All of this struggle has been encouraged and widely disseminated to improve the sense of people in the country, from which they bravely continued to fight for rights and for fundamental freedoms of man.